Striving to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

There are a number of factors that we try to focus on to minimise Silkanova’s carbon footprint, like reducing the weight of our packaging, choosing only environmental friendly packaging and not using any printed promotional materials. 

However, we want our effort to go further, and to do so we’ve partnered with EcoCart. 

EcoCart helps us mitigate carbon emissions created by our business - from manufacturing to delivering our products. They do so by channelling the money donated to wind, solar and other renewable energy projects dedicated to battling climate change. 

EcoCart’s smart algorithm calculates the carbon emissions from each order including both manufacturing and shipping by analysing the product and what it is made of, its weight and kind of packaging as well as shipping distance. As a starting point, they used Higg Materials Sustainability Index and industry specific data to create a baseline for each product. With thousands of orders coming in every day, they are able to make their algorithm more and more precise. 

We are dedicated to providing EcoCart with genuine and up to day information about our business to ensure we get the best results out of this amazing partnership.